Below are some helpful terms that may clarify areas of copyright particularly in relation to software piracy.

Other name for a computer program or software. Computer software designed to help the user perform tasks. eg. iTunes or Firefox

A peer-to-peer (P2P) method of distribution files and large amounts of data across the interent, commonly used to download material illegally.

Recording material, documents, audio, video files etc on to a CD or DVD.

Intentionally selling, making or distributing copies or imitations of genuine articles.

Cracks or Crackz
A method of avoiding licensing software by circumventing the registration process. Usually another piece of software is designed to 'crack' the registration process so that trial versions of software can be used fully without registering.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)
A way of imposing limitations on digital content. eg. The number of computers a legally downloaded song can play on or the region playback on a DVD.

The exclusive right of a copyright holder to sell, rent, lease, trade etc material from one entity to another.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
A method of transferring files over the internet from one computer to another.

Software that is free to use, copy, distribute and modify usually with the condition that it is not resold for profit.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
Method of communicating and messaging over the Internet that also has the ability to transfer files from one computer to another.

Software that will generate a serial number for a particular application so that it can be registered illegally.

Mooching or WiFi Mooching

The unauthorised use of a wireless network.

Online bulletin boards where users can post messages with attachments and files.

OEM Software
Original Equipment Manufacture. Software that is distributed (bundled) with a particular piece of hardware and not sold separately or loaded onto other computer. eg. Software that comes with your digital camera or scanner.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
A file sharing network where computers can communicate directly and share files without the need for a central server or service.

Pirated Software
Illegal copies of software.

Public Domain
Material that is available and not protected by copyright.

A cout down version of software or a movie etc that will not include any extra material such as trailers, subtitles, languages or in the case of software, manuals, help files are removed. Creates a smaller file that can more quickly be transferred.

An advanced screening or copy of a film released for review or promotional reasons but often ending up used illegally.

Software that is provided on a trial basis with the expectation you will purchase it if you use it. Often full functionality is disabled or limited to a time period and only after registering will full functionality be possible.

Installing a single license of software onto more than one computer.

Software Piracy
The illegal copying, distribution or use of software.

Another term for pirated software.

Further reading:

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