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Claire Amos from Epson Girls Grammer has shared the following:
Check out this link to YouTube Copyright School – a great guide for students and teachers around copyright and YouTube. If you are looking for a video to start of a higher level discussion around copyright laws and the internet, you might like to begin with cheeky wee video called Copying Is Not Theft and Dr David Wiley’s TED talk on Open Education and the Future as an introduction to a session on Copyright and Creative Commons licenses. Click on the link to find out more about Creative Commons.

Allanah King and a colleague have created this useful resource for NZ schools.
ICT PD Digital citizenship and cybersafety module

NetSafe resources on Copyright
Rianz (Recording Industry Association of New Zealand)

New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft

Netsafe search on copyright and plagiarism.

NetSafe's new Learn Guide Protect website

Keeping Kids Honest

Plagiarism and the web

Copyright Website

Dorothy Burt's blog post

NetSafe's Blog

Copyright in Schools
Website on TKI Governing and Managing NZ Schools area

Privacy Commissioner - The Privacy Act and Codes

Guidelines for the Online Publication of Student Images and Schoolwork
NZ Ministry of Education. 2000

Updates from NetSafe

NetSafe introduction to Learn Guide Protect
In October 2010, NetSafe will launch the new Learn Guide Protect cybersafety programme for schools.

What is Learn Guide Protect?
Learn, Guide, Protect is a frame-work to help schools develop a culture of responsible, safe use of digital technologies. It is an online repository of material promoting a student-centered approach to digital citizenship and cyber safety.

The Learn Guide Protect framework has three components:

Learn: Bits designed for students to help them develop positive, ethical behaviors in cyberspace and build the skills and attributes of a good digital citizen,
Guide: Bits to help educators integrate the concepts of digital citizenship across all learning areas and into school culture,
Protect: Bits to guide senior school personnel in developing local policies and strategies on effective, safe use of technologies.

There are often requests from teachers and students to use the Hector's World (HW) images so there is now specific information for teachers about copyright on the Hector's World website.

There is also a Hectors World Image Library for schools to use. These resources can be used as an introduction to copyright for young students.

RELLCO cluster wiki resources on Cybersafety