Digital Citizenship and copyright

Welcome to the ICT PD Digital Citizenship and Copyright module. This is the second of three modules in the digital citizenship series for 2010. This module will go 'live' from July 28 with opportunities for interaction through the completion of tasks and communication with others involved in the ICT PD project. After the initial launch date, the wiki will remain live.

Live from July 28 2010

Who would benefit from interacting with this module:
Anyone who is interested in mentoring young people to be ethical, savvy digital citizens. Any educator who accesses or creates material in schools as well as online environments. - e.g. Principals, teachers, cluster facilitators, lead teachers, cluster project directors.

Navigating through the module:
The links to the left of the wiki will take you through the content and activities contained within this module. You are encouraged to access this material and work through at your own pace. To become part of this online learning community, please join the 'Getting to know you' page to let us all know a little bit about you and your role.

Use of web 2.0 media:
The tasks contained within this module will at times make use of web media to help encourage interaction and participation. Being able to use these may involve setting up a username or password. If this is an area of new learning for you, you may choose to do this module with a friend or colleague who can support your new learning. If you need additional support, then please contact Tessa Gray 021337529 or
Suzie Vesper.021 765 126.

Future modules 2010:
The final of the Digital Citizenship modules for 2010 will focus on digital citizenship at home. For more information, go to Modular programme 2010.